Seth Meyers Gets ‘Petty’ Over Trump’s Flapping Hair: ‘I Guess There’s One Draft You Couldn’t Dodge’

In the midst of all of the real news going on in the world this week — the impending congress shutdown while Trump demands a multi-million dollar military parade — one video has been making the rounds and getting people chattering. While boarding Air Force One en route from Washington D.C. to Mar-a-Lago late last week, a gust of wind finally revealed what is underneath the president’s carefully molded coif of hair and … it was even more horrifying than most of us could imagine.

The incident (are we calling it “hair-gate” yet?) quickly became the subject of late night talk show fodder, and Seth Meyers was no exception. While he noted on Wednesday night that he usually prides himself on providing “depth, insight, and clarity” on issues facing Americans — then, “something like this happens.” As such, he was thrilled to introduce a new segment called “Let’s Get Petty.”

“Wow dude,” Meyers started off gleefully. “Well I guess there’s one draft you couldn’t dodge,” referring to Trump’s infamous “bones spurs” that he used as an excuse for draft deferment. From there he proceeded to unload on the president with childish insult after childish insult, such as “Where ya goin’? Bald?” and “It’s like a mullet except no one showed up to the party in the back.”

Petty? Maybe. But “petty” and “cathartic” aren’t exactly mutually exclusive, so we’ll take it.