JT Was Super Upset About Being Mistaken For Saweetie By A DJ Playing Her ‘F.N.F.’ Remix

On Friday, breakout Memphis rapper GloRilla released the remix of her viral hit “FNF (Let’s Go),” which has been rampaging all over playlists and DJ sets all summer. However, someone forgot to give the updated version of the single to a Texas DJ over the weekend, resulting in a case of mistaken identity that annoyed of the track’s guest rappers into a frustrated Twitter tirade.

GloRilla originally billed Saweetie on her breakout hit but instead included JT and Latto on the final version. However, the DJ apparently played a leaked version, not the one that was sent to DSPs, prompting JT to lash out, attributing the error to an intentional effort to shade her. “This DJ in Texas at KAMP intentionally played Saweetie verse & keep saying JT boy if you don’t get your delusional bitch ass on,” she tweeted. “Y’all n****s in this industry catty & weird.”

“I’m tired of being humble & nice,” she continued in a later tweet. “y’all pussy ass f*ck ass hoe ass ghost writer ass wish y’all had a Pussy ass pick me ass N****s better find a TOY!!!!!!! Don’t play in my face don’t cause I’m with it I’m with whatever.”

And while this may seem like a big reaction to a size one problem (a quote from City Girls’ Issa Rae-produced HBO show Rap Sh!t), she does have a point. Even if it was just a mistake, any professional DJ worth their Serato should be able to correctly identify which female rapper is which, no matter their personal musical taste (with Serato, there’s actually no excuse, since everything is done on a screen rather than having to cart around and catalog crates full of records).

However, because fans are always looking for any sign of drama and beef between the women in rap (legacy of rap media pitting them against each other throughout the ’90s and 2000s), JT made sure to insist she had no issue with Saweetie. “She’s not on the song DONT PLAY IN MY FACE!” she wrote. “I love her, she’s nice! But it’s messy & uncalled for. This industry designed to play women, these n****s don’t go through none of this.”

JT later deleted all the tweets, instead choosing to focus on her other guest appearance from NMF on Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” remix — although that song is generating a fair amount of drama as well.