Saweetie Gets Visibly Flustered By Yung Miami’s Questions In A New ‘Caresha Please’ Teaser

I don’t know if anyone other than the producers at Revolt would have thought Yung Miami of City Girls would be such a provocative and surprisingly insightful talk show host, but if they did, they were right on the money. In previous episodes of her show Caresha Please, Miami got some dating advice from Gucci Mane and brought out the flirt in Megan Thee Stallion; in this week’s episode, she puts Bay Area rapper Saweetie in the hot seat, making the usually unbothered Icy Princess visibly flustered as she fires off her probing questions.

Among the inquiries that appear in the teaser, Yung Miami shared for the upcoming episode of Caresha Please are plenty of queries into Saweetie’s dating life. Caresha doesn’t hold back, asking the coy culture consultant about supposedly having her car repossessed after breaking up with Quavo, that rumor that she and Lil Baby went on a $100,000 shopping spree date, and whether or not she cheated herself. Give the trailer editor some props — even if her dumbfounded expressions don’t really match up with the questions in the full episode, it’s clear that Saweetie is having fun, even if she does get a little hot under the collar.

The new episode of Caresha Please launches at 8 pm on Revolt. You can watch the teaser above.