Kanye West Discusses Being Bipolar And His Love For Velcro With David Letterman In A New Netflix Trailer

David Letterman was a light night icon for decades, so naturally, his Netflix talkshow, My Next Guess Needs No Introduction, got some strong guests in its first season, including Jay Z and Barack Obama. The first season did well enough for the show to get picked up for a second season, and now the first trailer for the new batch of episodes has been shared, revealing that Kanye West is one of the upcoming guests.

The two-minute trailer begins with Letterman and West chatting in a minimalist-looking closet, and Letterman brought up some fascinating food for thought: “If Velcro had been invented first, would there be zippers?” West was clearly intrigued by the question, and he answered with a laugh, “You know, it’s a really… it’s really a deep question.”

The trailer also shows a little bit of their on-stage interview, and West addresses his bipolar disorder by taking a shot at TMZ, saying, “When you’re bipolar, you have a potential to ramp up, and it can take you to a point where you start acting ‘erratic,’ as TMZ would put it.”

Meanwhile, the trailer also reveals that aside from West, the new season will feature Ellen DeGeneres, Tiffany Haddish, Melinda Gates, and Lewis Hamilton.

The show will begin streaming on May 31. In the meantime, watch the trailer above.