Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Are Now Legally Single After Their First Divorce Hearing

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are now legally single after their first divorce hearing, according to TMZ. The hearing took place via teleconference without the presence of Kanye West, who has objected to the proceedings all along, even going so far as to fire and hire his fourth and fifth attorneys, respectively, just a day before the hearing. Kanye had previously tried to delay their official divorce using a legal loophole and challenging their prenuptial agreement, but had already requested to have the court proceedings expedited after saying she had no desire to reconcile with her now ex-husband.

However, Kanye’s lawyers did have some conditions for agreeing to Kim Kardashian’s newly single status, although only one was granted. The right to any money that is supposed to be divided up will be preserved if either of them dies, but a request to prevent Kim from transferring assets she has in trust was denied, as was the final condition that Kim would waive her privilege to withhold any communications with a new spouse should she get remarried.

The two celebrities are now officially single, but it remains to be seen whether that stops Kanye from making overtures to reconcile via social media or haranguing Pete Davidson, Kim’s new beau.