Kanye West Tries To Use A Legal Loophole To Stall His And Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

Kim Kardashian wants to divorce Kanye West, but Kanye West doesn’t want to divorce Kim Kardashian. That’s the power struggle at the center of their current frustrations in the ongoing case. With a hearing scheduled tomorrow, Kanye is making one last bid to preserve at least their married status, if not their relationship, by trying to exploit a loophole in California law regarding the couple’s prenuptial agreement. TMZ reports that Kanye’s lawyers have filed documents claiming that such agreements signed after 2002 are invalid.

However, according to TMZ, the loophole Kanye’s lawyers want to use only applies if one of the signed parties challenges it, which Kanye has never done. To do so, he would need to prove that it was either “unconscionable” or that he agreed to it involuntarily — and neither course would seem to be viable, as Kanye and Kim’s assets have remained separate throughout their marriage and both would retain their own fortunes if they returned to single status. Of course, Kanye and his lawyers may not be seeing eye-to-eye, since Kim revealed in the course of their back-and-forth that the rapper has changed lawyers three times, while refusing to come to the table to negotiate.

Kanye apparently still believes that there’s a chance to make it work, despite Kim’s multiple statements to the contrary and his own actions, which have seemed to push her away more than anything else. After Wednesday, though, it could very well be over, although the two will still co-parent their four children, with the couple living in the same neighborhood.