Kid Cudi Revealed The Best Audition Advice He Got From Timothee Chalamet On ‘Hot Ones’

Kid Cudi’s musical oohs and ahs have made him a star but today, he’s doing a different kind of moaning and groaning thanks to the Wings of Death from Hot Ones. To his credit, he does okay for the first half of the episode — but then again, they all do. Of course, Cudi stopped by Hot Ones to talk about his new animated special/album Entergalactic, but by the time he hit a sauce called Cosmic Disco, he was losing track of the questions and absolutely housing a strawberry shake in an attempt to cool his mouth off.

Before all that happened, though, he gave some pretty insightful answers to host Sean Evans’ probing questions. During the third wing, sauced with Piko Riko, Evans asked, “What’s the best audition tip or note that you’ve ever gotten from Timothée Chalamet?” It’s a great question that shows off the depth and subtle layers of the Hot Ones team’s research; Chalamet appears in Entergalactic as Jimmy, Cudi’s character Jabari’s best friend and conspiracy buff. Chalamet and Cudi also made headlines in 2018 when they first forged their friendship after Tim gushed about staying up until the wee hours listening to Cudi’s first Man On The Moon album (both were also present at the infamous birthday dinner with Kanye West and Pete Davidson shortly after Davidson took the piss out of Kanye on SNL, sparking the rivalry that erupted into full-blown chaos earlier this year).

Cudi’s reply, however, really shows how much respect he and Tim have for each other. “I think I asked him about crying on camera once,” Cudi jokes. “I’ve given him audition tapes that I’ve done before and I’m just like, ‘Yo man, shoot me straight.’ He’s always like, ‘It’s good, it’s good,’ but I don’t know — he could be lying to me. But he’s always very supportive and I know Timmy’s a fan of me for music, but I think he’s a fan of me as an actor as well.”

Unfortunately for Cudi, that was one of his last truly coherent answers before the Wings did their thing. He has an especially funny reaction to wing number eight — IYKYK. Check out the full episode above.