Kid Cudi Brings Timothée Chalamet On Stage To Perform With Him, As Well As Pusha T

Kid Cudi made sure his ComplexCon Long Beach set was one for fans to remember: Cudi brought Call Me By Your Name actor Timothée Chalamet and Pusha T to the stage to help him perform a few songs from his set. Cudi and Chalamet, of course, have a storied history of mutual admiration for each other.

Chalamet sat on stage in a hoodie and performed Common’s narration on Man On The Moon: The End Of Day‘s “In My Dreams” before Cudi arrived on stage. “We live in a world where it’s more okay to follow than to lead,” Chalamet recited. “In this world being a leader is trouble for the system we are all accustomed to. Being a leader in this day and age is being a threat. Not many people stood up against the system we all call life.”

As Chalamet completed the poem, “Feel The Love” from Cudi and Kanye’s 2018 record Kids See Ghosts blared over the speakers. Cudi then walked on stage with Pusha T, who features in the track.

After the song ended, Cudi geared the crowd up for his set. “We’re going to have some fun tonight and take a journey,” Cudi said, according to Complex. “We’re going to take them back first, then work our way to Man on the Moon II. Then we’re going to do some Indicud sh*t, and a couple jams in between.”

The rapper completed his star-studded set with pounds of confetti and Steve Aoki’s remix of “Pursuit Of Happiness.”

Watch clips from Cudi’s performance above.