Kid Cudi Laid Out His Musical Plans For The Rest Of 2023 And He’s Going To Be Busy

Lately, Kid Cudi’s music future has felt a little up in the air. Towards the end of last year, he hinted he was considering the end of making music as Kid Cudi, but he later noted he has another album in him. Later, he said he recorded 11 tracks in the span of just a week. Now, the pendulum continues to swing towards productivity, as Cudi is now laying out plans for a new album cycle to start later this year.

Today (February 27), Cudi tweeted, “Album this Fall. First singles this summer. The new chapter has begun… Ur not prepared man. We’ve reached a new level.” In response to a fan asking for a tour, he added, “World tour next year. Count on it [winking emoji].”

Earlier this month, Cudi tweeted simply, “June,” perhaps an indication of specifically the new singles are going to start rolling out.

Towards the end of 2022, he also noted some of what he was looking forward to doing in 2023, answering a fan who asked what he was looking forward to, “Man, so much. My clothing line, directing my first movie that im starring in from a script I wrote, couple movies coming out, a lil tv, Im seriously the most hyped about it all.”