Kid Cudi Sports A Killer Porn-Stache In The Trailer For A24’s New Period-Horror Film ‘X’

A24 has developed a righteous reputation for releasing some of the most innovative — and deeply disturbing — horror films over the past couple of years. Films like Hereditary and Midsommar have kept audiences up at night while helping to launch the superstar career of actors like Florence Pugh, and today, the studio shared the trailer for its latest chiller, X which stars Mia Goth, Kid Cudi (who’s been expanding his film resume of late), Jenna Ortega (who pops up in Foo Fighters’ own horror comedy), and Brittany Snow.

A period horror directed by Ti West, the film is set on a farm in the 1970s, where a film crew has just arrived to shoot an X-rated movie. The porn-staches are glorious (Kid Cudi’s is downright impressive), the photography looks suitably washed-out, the girls all have magnificent blowouts, and the overall mood of a low-budget, questionable ’70s nudie film shoot is just perfect.

The farmer from whom they rent lodging/their film set, however, has one request: Consideration for his wife. Unfortunately, he probably should have phrased it the other way around, because she turns out to be the one harassing the actors and crew — to bloody, fatal results, apparently. The trailer wisely keeps the shocks and scares off-camera, but ends on a definitively funny line delivered by one of the sheriff’s deputies in the clear aftermath of whatever carnage takes place.

X is scheduled to be released on March 18, 2022.