Kim Petras Teams Up With Electronic Trio Cheat Codes For The Heartbreak Banger ‘Feeling Of Falling’

Pop princess Kim Petras has had an incredible 2018. After releasing a string of career-making, party-starting standalone tracks earlier this year, the Cologne-born singer accompanied Troye Sivan on his joyous, delightfully queer Bloom tour. Earlier this fall, Petras surprise released her first full-length collection of music, a Halloween-themed EP called Turn Off The Lights, Vol. 1.

LA-based electronic trio Cheat Codes have also had a breakout year — they released their first EP, Level 1, this summer, and just recorded a track with Little Mix for their new record, LM5. Petras and Cheat Codes have combined their unbeatable pop energy for a new single, “Feeling Of Falling” — and it’s the bop of a lifetime.

“Feeling Of Falling” is three and a half minutes of pure joy. Cheat Codes’ infectious synths burrow their way into your brain so thoroughly, you’ll be humming the tune for days. Petras is completely at home singing over a danceable electro-pop beat: “I hate the feeling of falling / I can’t keep bleeding, I’m sorry,” Petras sings over pounding synths. Petras’ evocative, insistently cheerful voice infuses everything she sings with joy. Despite the downbeat lyrics, you can’t shake the feeling that the “Heart To Break” singer is reveling and dancing through her heartbreak. Listen and you just might, too.

Check out “Feeling Of Falling” above.

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