Kylie Jenner And Tyga Go Ham At A House Party In An Alexander Wang Video Teaser

As a veteran video vixen and fashion influencer, Kylie Jenner was an obvious choice when cast alongside her on again off again paramour, Tyga, for Alexander Wang’s Fall 2016 campaign video.

The promo, which has been teased for weeks, was finally released Tuesday and features the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan turning up with a slew of other beautiful people at a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Wang told Yahoo! Style that his vision for the campaign was wanting to:

“Create this hybrid idea of a music video with my favorite movies growing up, referencing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Can’t Hardly Wait. A lot of [the cast] are people that I’ve always really respected, collaborators, or models I’ve used for quite a long time, where I’ve seen them grow into their own.”

The 30 second video was directed by Director X and features original music by EDM icon, Skrillex, who also appears in the promo. Wang asserted that the raw, raving vibe of the campaign was authentic and includes unscripted moments when the Wang gang was basically just told to let loose.

Thus, though the famed fashion designer had an idea of how he wanted the video to turn out and had a strong theme, the cast (aka #WangSquad) “essentially creat[ed] their own storyline.” This, Wang believed, allowed the somewhat raunchy video — filled with sultry dancing and generous amounts of PDA — to come “Together better than [he] planned.”