Kanye West Refuses To Let Puma Poach Kylie Jenner From Team Yeezy

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Kylie Jenner is taking time out of her “busy killing it on Snapchat” schedule to sign a filthily lucrative contract to model Puma sneakers. That is, unless Kanye has anything to say about it.

According to US Weekly, the contract is worth seven figures, but it won’t be “full out like Rihanna’s collaboration.” Whatever that means, don’t ask me, I’m just the blogger. Other important info: Kylie instagrammed an image of a puppy, possibly to announce the good ones, but then deleted it, and she’s been photographed in Pumas before, so she’d make a perfect brand ambassador.

But wait! Kylie is supposed to be modeling Yeezys, so repping Pumas is tantamount to family betrayal!

But why aren’t you calling Kylie out for rebelling for only $1 million? What self respecting person would even get out of bed for $1 million?!!!

Anyway, Kylie won’t be endorsing Puma and you can count on that 100–no–1000 percent on that.

Wait, but he’s not done.

Okay, deep breath.

So there you have it. Kyle Jenner maybe agreed to endorse Puma for $1 million or more. Kanye had to step in to stop the brand from poaching his Yeezy spokesperson, the Kardashian family remains united and stronger than ever (except for Rob and Blac Chyna). The end.

(via US)