Latto’s Bootylicious, Revealing Birthday Photos Are Breaking The Internet For The Holidays

Today (December 22), Latto celebrated her 24th birthday in cheeky fashion. The “Another Nasty Song” rapper took to her social channels to share some festive NSFW pictures.

In her new set of photos, she is seen dressed in snow boots, a jewelry-studded brassiere, and a matching thong, as she spends time in the snow. “Cold a** b**** I was born in December,” reads the photo set’s caption.

As one could expect, these pictures have broken the internet, as fans are quickly reacting to them.

“This is how you do a birthday shoot,” said one Twitter user.

“I give tens when tens are due,” said another fan.

The past year was a big one for Latto. Her hit single, “Big Energy,” went double platinum in the US, and its live version secured a nomination for Best Rap Performance for the 2023 Grammys. In an interview with XXL, Latto revealed the type of legacy she wants to leave behind in her years to come.

“I want you to think of me when you think of persistence. People seen me grow up on television and in the limelight. I been rapping forever and I never gave up. So many people were like, ‘Oh, you don’t have a song on the radio.’ Boom, got a song on the radio. ‘Oh, well you don’t have a song on the Billboard charts.’ Boom, got a song on the Billboard charts. ‘Well, it’s not top 40.’ Now it’s top 40. So, I’m just the person that showed you like, if you stay at it and don’t give up on yourself, it’ll happen.”