Latto Gets X-Rated On Her New Single, ‘Another Nasty Song’

Latto has shared another nasty song, appropriately titled “Another Nasty Song.” On her latest single, Latto revels in the joys of a really frisky sneaky link.

“You know that I’m a freak / you know I like it slow / I’m tryin’ to make a movie / I’m givin’ you the code / So let me put this p*ssy on you,” she rap-sings on the song’s seductive chorus.

As if the song couldn’t get more raunchy, Latto gets rather vivid on the song’s verses, rapping, “Pull up on my pimpin’, say my name while you in it / Type of p*ssy make him say my name while hе swimmin’ / Gangsta b*tch, I make him wear my chain whilе he drillin”

This past March, Latto released her sophomore album, 777, which featured hits like “Big Energy” and “Sunshine.” In a recent interview with Flaunt, she revealed that fans can expect even more hits in the near future on a potential deluxe edition of 777.

“They sleep online, so we gonna have to deluxe it, repackage it, and put it back in their face,” Latto said. “But fingers crossed, if everything goes as planned, there will be a highly anticipated feature on that.”

Check out “Another Nasty Song” above.