Latto Calls Out The Fake Online Outrage Around Her New Single ‘Another Nasty Song’

Grammy-nominated rapper Latto is turning lemons into lemonade, so why are critics online left with a bitter taste in their mouths? After a hacker leaked over 130 of her unreleased tracks, the Clayco native decided not to let that stop her from getting those tracks out to fans. Her new song, “Another Nasty Song,” one of the hundreds of songs leaked dropped yesterday, and fans love it. But, unfortunately, for Latto, not everyone online is a fan.

The track produced by Yak Beats samples an underground cult classic, “The Nasty Song,” by Lil Ru, making it irresistible. However, nearly 24 hours after hitting streaming platforms, critics have begun to flood Twitter with the same remark, “p*ssy is that only thing she raps about.”

There’s no denying the explicit nature of the song. The chorus opens with, “You know that I’m a freak / You know I like it slow / I’m tryin’ to make a movie / I’m givin’ you the code / So let me put this p*ssy on you (Let me put this p*ssy on you) / Yeah, daddy, come and let me put this p*ssy on you.” However, across Latto’s debut album, 777, the rapper does display range, regardless of what her recent loose singles, “FTCU” featuring GloRilla and “Clap” with Trina might have you believe.

Latto took to Twitter to clap back at critics who claimed her discography is one-dimensional writing, “I got plenty [of] songs [that] not about ‘p*ssy.’ Y’all don’t blow them up & that’s not my problem.”

She isn’t the only woman rapper to receive these critics; Megan Thee Stallion’s catalog has come under fire for being too sexually centered, as has Cardi B’s.

To listen to Latto’s new song, “Another Nasty Song,” click here.