Latto Says A Male Artist On Her Album ‘777’ Made It ‘Difficult To Clear’ Their Verse Due Over An Instagram DM

Next week, Latto will release her sophomore album, 777., the anticipated follow-up to her debut album Queen Of Da Souf. She’s already released the successful track “Big Energy” and the recently-released “Wheelie” with 21 Savage. While the album is due March 25, Latto has yet to reveal its tracklist. That hasn’t stopped her from revealing something shocking about one of the male artists who appears on it.

“I’m clearing my album right now and it’s been difficult to deal with these men,” she said during a recent interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “They don’t know how to keep it business.” She later added, “It’s a feature on my album… it was difficult to clear. They tryna drop they nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.” The hosts were shocked by Latto’s claim and they did their best to try and find out who the man in question was. She revealed that the man is an artist before explaining why she kept the song on the album.

“Yeah, just because I love the song so much and I had to turn it in yesterday, so I didn’t really have a choice. So, I was backed into a corner like bullied, but I wish more females would speak up and stuff. I know the label and stuff, they say, ‘Don’t do that, [that’s] bad business,’ but man these folks be trying to drop nuts on female rappers, like I’m not gonna shut up about it.” She added, “We tolerate too much. We think, ‘Oh well, that just comes with the game being a female rapper.’ No, it shouldn’t though.”

Latto admitted that the man in question is someone she respects. “It meant something to me for sure, like I was definitely rubbed the wrong way,” Latto admitted. “But I love the song so much and I didn’t want to not put it on my album, so I’m like I don’t have no choice and I didn’t have time to record a second verse.”

Big Boy asked if 21 Savage, who appears on “Wheelie,” was the individual she was talking about, but she said it was not him. We’ll just have to wait until the tracklist arrives to have a better guess at who it is.

You can watch a clip from Latto’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood interview above and watch the full sit-down here.