Latto Squashes Any Rumored Drama With Nicki Minaj Or Cardi B: ‘I F*ck With Both Of Them’

Latto is blowing up once again based off the success of her new single, “Big Energy,” though longtime fans will she really blew up back in the day off “B*tch From Da Souf”. Since her major label debut album, Queen Of Da Souf, Latto has gone through a name change and plenty more, but one thing she won’t do is fall into the trap of pitting female rappers against each other.

That doesn’t mean stan culture won’t try to make it happen anyway, though. When she was promoting her latest single, “Wheelie,” which features a verse from 21 Savage, fans got it in their heads that the song was going to feature Nicki Minaj or Cardi B… and of course that got stans back into a competitive mindset. These two female rappers were basically forced to have beef by a misogynistic industry who seems to think there can’t be more than one woman at the top, but Latto has no intention of doing the same.

“You have to tread lightly with stan culture,” she said recently in an interview with Ebro In The Morning. “Like, ‘I’m team this and I’m gonna die about it.’ I be like, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot me.’ I be like, ‘Whoa!’ For instance, I had clapped back — I’m still a new-school baby — I’m still young. I’m still tryin’ to turn the other cheek […] So, I’m clapping back at somebody, and they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re purposely responding to Nicki Minaj pages!’ I’m like, ‘What the hell is ya’ll talking about? If you come for me, b*tch I’m on that a**. don’t care what club, gang, street you bang, I don’t give a f*ck! And it’s like that. It’s nothing, no ill intent. Everybody knows Nicki is my favorite, you can go look on the internet, I got interviews talking about standing in line for Pink Friday. I got a fake Barbie chain … my mama probably still got it at her house. I was obsessed with Nicki […] and I love Cardi to death, Cardi put me in the “WAP” video. I’ve done interviews with Cardi, I met her face-to-face and she was so humble. I don’t pick sides. That’s not my beef. I f*ck with both of them.”

When Cardi put Latto in that infamous “WAP” video, she definitely helped boost Latto’s career, but Nicki’s influence is also completely evident on the young rapper. Check out the interview up top, Latto gets into squashing the female rapper beef around the fourteen minute mark.