Aphrodite Visits Earth In Lauren Jauregui’s Provocative ‘More Than That’ Video

This time last week, Lauren Jauregui shared her new single “More Than That,” a smoky, thumping track in which she confidently challenges her admirer to earn her attention: “You gon’ have to come stronger than this liquor / Wanna take me home? Better be more convincing / It will take more than that to get to me.” It’s a provocative track, and now she’s shared a similarly enticing video for it.

The clip features Jauregui (as Aphrodite) and others in a club, watching “four earth goddesses” dancing on poles. She says the video “is Aphrodite’s visit to Earth.” She continued, “She finds herself in a unique club surrounded by the earthly embodiments of the divine feminine. They all are completely entranced by the strength and sensuality of the four earth goddesses before them.”

Jauregui stayed very involved with the video’s production: Aside from starring in it, she was also the creative director and co-editor.

She previously said of the single, “It’s just, like, sassy. I’m going to the club with my significant other […] and it’s just about being flirtatious but sticking to my own guns and not giving into the flirtation.” As for her next album, she hasn’t revealed much about it yet, but she told Coupe De Main last year, “I’m really trying to let it be as organic as possible. When I feel like it’s ready, that’s when the world will get it.”

Watch Jauregui’s video for “More Than That” above.