LCD Soundsystem Are Furious That Rhino Records Is Randomly Reissuing Several Of Their Records

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06.12.17 3 Comments

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Today, the California-based label Rhino Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, announced they would be reissuing several of LCD Soundsystem’s records on vinyl, including their self-titled debut album, 45:33, This Is Happening and London Sessions. Per a brusque, brutal email from the band, this is news to them! As you might recall, they have their own label, DFA Records, that was co-founded by frontman James Murphy, and that continues to have all of these records available for purchase right here.

It seems odd, then, that Rhino has chosen to reissue the records, right around the time the band are going to put out a brand new album. It’s also not clear how they have access/rights to the music, but apparently they do. If you check the “artists” section of their site, the band is not listed there. So it seems to be a pretty bald move on their part, eh? Especially since the band releases the record themselves. It’s not surprising that their statement on the matter was a bit terse, here it is:

“LCD Soundsystem certainly aren’t announcing sh*t, as they had no idea that these were even coming out. Just buy the records from DFA, like you have been able to for years.”

The press release further notes: “The Rhino press release also describes LCD Soundsystem as “one of the freshest sounds on the London underground scene in the early 2000s” so that shows how seriously anyone should take it.”

Of course, LCD Soundsystem are a Brooklyn band, were founded there, and the city has been an integral part of their identity for the entirety of their existence. Anyway, buy the records from LCD themselves, not Rhino Records, okay?

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