LCD Soundsystem Debuted New Song ‘Call The Police’ On ‘SNL’ But A Dancing Keyboardist Stole The Show

LCD Soundsystem’s career is defined by a retro sound that evolved into something absolutely unique to them. Through a hodgepodge of new wave and punk sounds, frontman James Murphy made their bloody dance floor grooves something unique, and tonight on SNL, they debuted a new song from their forthcoming album that we’ll hopefully get some time soon. Hopefully.

The new track, entitled “Call the Police” sounded a lot like their old work, especially off their “last” album This is Happening. In fact, it’s building tension was reminiscent of their penultimate album, Sound of Silver’s,”All My Friends” which is a meandering anthem that just about everyone loves. How great was it for old fans to hear new songs on their first SNL performance?

Also, this dude, who was dancing like this way back in the day. Get caught up on your live LCD Soundsystem, people! And there’s nothing wrong with him feeling the vibes that only a power collective like LCD Soundsystem can provide:

I’m not a hipster! I just really like live LCD Soundsystem, what can I say? The band will finally move on from their collection of New York warm-up shows and head out on tour before they release their “nearly finished” album. The first they’ve released in over seven years.

Here’s that new track’s studio version, by the way.