Lil Nas X Stars In A New Comic Book About ‘Old Town Road’ And His Rise To Fame

Lil Nas X may have recently published the illustrated best-selling children’s book C Is For Country, but he’s now the star of a different kind of publication. The musician is the lead in a newly released comic book that tells the story of his rise to fame through illustrations.

Titled Fame: Lil Nas X, the 28-page comic tells the story of Lil Nas X’s rise to super stardom through colorful scenes. It begins when he was living in Atlanta and walks readers through the success of “Old Town Road,” his debut album, and other notable moments from his life so far. Distributed by TidalWave Comics and written by Darren G. Davis with art by Victor Moura, Fame: Lil Nas X is officially available to purchase as of Wednesday.

Davis spoke about the upcoming book in a statement. “We’ve found a niche with our bio comics,” he said. “Our success with this comic shows that there is a much wider audience for sequential storytelling than many thought. These readers are simply looking for something other than superheroes or horror. With our bio comics, we strive to bring these new readers evenhanded, well-researched looks at some of their favorite celebrities.”

Lil Nas X comic book Fame
TidalWave Comics

Lil Nas X isn’t the first musician to get their own Fame comic book. Previous edition of the series include a comic on Adele, Prince, Beyonce, Psy, and Bono.

Check out the cover of Lil Nas X’s Fame comic above and get the book here.