Lil Yachty Broke Down Why Friend And Frequent Collaborator Drake Is ‘Really, Really Smart’

Lil Yachty opened up about his close bond with Drake during a new conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, where he also touched on his new album, Let’s Start Here. The two rappers have collaborated even more in recent years, as Yachty had writing credits on Drake and 21 Savage’s 2022 album Her Loss, for “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin,” “Privileged Rappers,” and more tracks.

“I love him to death,” Yachty said of Drake. “Yeah, that’s my guy, man… our relationship has just grown. I had a conversation with him after, and I was just telling him, ‘Man, this music that you made over this time period has affected so many people.'”

Yachty also revealed that any time Drake drops, he has trouble controlling his feels. So much so, that he shared a joke about how Drake’s music makes people call their exes during a conversation they had.

“I said, ‘Man, I remember there was a point in time when you were about to release music, and everyone was like, ‘Man, I’m about to call my ex. Like, oh man, I’m finna cry,”” he said. “That was a time period. And that’s when people thought when Drake was finna drop, you thought like, ‘Oh man, I’m about to get back with my ex-girlfriend.’ You felt like emotions were about to be pulled out of you.”

“At this point, I feel so close to him,” Yachty added. “I feel like whatever he does, I did it. If he wins something, I feel like I just won. He’s really, really smart. No matter how much he’ll act like he’s oblivious to his career and the things that he’s done, he knows what certain things and certain moments in his career mean to people.”

Watch Yachty’s full interview on Apple Music above.

Let’s Start Here is out now via Quality Control/Motown. Get it here.