Logic Discusses The Harshness Of The Internet And Cyberbullying: ‘Dude, I Need A Break’

Logic has been open about the topic of mental health — whether that be through his hit “1-800-273-8255” about suicide or his song “Therapy Music” with Russ. Now, on an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, he discussed the internet and cyberbullying.

He said:

“It’s difficult, man, to see people tell you they hope your family dies, and your baby’s ugly, and X, Y, Z, and you deal with that every time you look on the internet. I know, it’s messed up, man. Yeah, as human beings. It’s insane to know that a decade ago this isn’t how the internet was. It was actually a much more nicer place. You know what I mean? There were still trolls and stuff… but everything now, how people even discuss or talk about music, ‘Yeah, this was mid.’ What does that even mean?”

He added: “Have an opinion. You know what I mean? If somebody’s talking about an artist, ‘Yeah, this is mid. This is kind of ass.’ I’m like, ‘Is that how you talk to your mom?’ When your mom gives you breakfast, ‘Yeah, Mom…’ Who does that… So, I think for me, that’s something that I wanted to do. I wanted to step away from the negativity. Not like I’m trying to hide from it and this and that, but just like, ‘Dude, I need a break.'”

Listen to the full interview above.