Madlib Crushes Fans’ Hopes For A Rumored Mac Miller Collaboration Project

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Mac Miller fans, brace yourselves for some disappointment. As it turns out, the hoped-for Maclib collaborative EP between the late Pittsburgher and veteran underground hip-hop producer Madlib is probably never coming out. Despite the fact that Madlib played portions of one of the records the pair worked on before Mac’s untimely death at a recent show, the producer confirmed via his Rappcats online store’s newsletter page that the project was in no shape to be called “completed” enough for release, and he has no plans to do so now.

As explained on Rappcats, “The endpoint wasn’t planned out or even discussed. The idea was to create for creation’s sake.” The post elaborates on the duo’s connection, including how they met after Mac recorded for Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s album, Piñata, and decided to trade tracks, with Madlib sending Mac beats and Mac returning the songs with his vocals recorded. Although there were loose plans for an EP, there was no real progress aside from this handful of tracks, one of which bore the “Maclib” moniker in its metadata without an official song title. Ultimately, as the update reads: “What exists is what the two had originally intended – an EP’s worth of music that was supposed to be the start of something.” Unfortunately for fans, it seems we will never actually get to see just how that something finished.