Watch LA Folker Matt Kivel Get Brutal In His ‘Permanence’ Video

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LA-based folk artist Matt Kivel released his gentle and dignified new record Janus earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing more music in the meantime. Earlier this summer he shared two other loose singles, “Things To Come” and “Indigo” via Stereogum, and today he announced that a follow-up album, Fires on the Plain will come out this fall. It will be out October 7 to be exact via Driftless Recordings.

The first single off the record features the long-absent Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, who seems to be slowly but surely making his way back toward the music industry after some well-deserved time off to pursue his higher education.

Keep an eye out for Kivel’s new record because Pecknold isn’t the only high-profile collaborator involved, it will also feature folk legend Bonnie “Prince” Billy and another Drag City artist, Sophia Knapp. Listen to “Permanence” below while watching Kivel duke it out with Trey Holland; the watercolor artwork and lengthy tracklist are below the video.

Driftless Recordings

Fires On The Plain
1. “Opening”
2. “The Water”
3. “Rock Gods”
4. “i”
5. “Thin Blood Lines”
6. “Velveteen”
7. “ii”
8. “Blood River”
9. “Forgiveness” (Feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
10. “Permanence” (Feat. Robin Pecknold)
11. “iii”
12. “Wife”
13. “iv”
14. “Candy”
15. “V” (Feat. Sophia Knapp)
16. “Black”
17. “Whirlpool”
18. “vi”
19. “Light Depression”
20. “Other Shore”
21. “Gaudette”
22. “vii”
23. “Something From Her”
24. “The Pool”
25. “Jaws Apart”
26. “Messiah”

Fires On The Plain is out 10/7 via Driftless Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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