Meg Myers Brought Her Glittering Fury To An Electric Tiny Desk Set

Nashville singer-songwriter Meg MyersTake Me To The Disco was one of the best breakout indie albums of 2018. The record’s complex instrumentation sounds like it could be hard to replicate live — but Myers and her band are powerful, fantastic performers, and they more than pull it off.

You can see the magic for yourself in Myers’ new performance for NPR’s Tiny Desk. Stages don’t get much smaller than a corner of an NPR office, but Myers and her band fill the small space with an electrifying performance.

Myers’ bewitching voice has drawn comparisons to Kate Bush before. And while Myers has avoided performing any covers in the past, she really connected with “Running Up That Hill.”

“[‘Running Up That Hill’ has] resonated with my soul like nothing ever before,” Myers said of the song. “What if we could experience role reversal? What would it be like living in each other’s shoes? I think we would find a lot more compassion for one another and a passion for kindness and truth. This song to me, represents an opening of our hearts and a possibility of equality for all.”

The Tiny Desk performance is Myers’ first time performing “Running Up That Hill” live, but she has also released a studio version of the cover, which you can check out below. Watch Myers’ full Tiny Desk performance above.