Miley Cyrus Blew Us All Away With Her Country-Influenced 2017 Billboard Music Awards Performance

Channeling her famous country singer pops, Miley Cyrus hit the Billboard Music Awards stage sans any of the overproduced accouterments normally associated with her performances to do a stark rendition of her new single “Malibu.”

No twerking, no rainbow wigs, no pyrotechnics, and no comically huge strap-on dildos wrapped around her waist, just her surprisingly powerful vocals, a basic country backing band and a white top and shorts combo that evoked her fresh start in the music business as a no-nonsense, straight up singer. The performance actually garnered a huge response from the audience, which may have done a lot to rehabilitate her somewhat strained public image.

Miley has been a hot topic of late, popping up in the news for switching her style up, and revealing that she was the girl Katy Perry kissed so long ago.

She’s also been in some hot water due to accusations of appropriating hip-hop and dropping it like a hot rock when it stopped being profitable. She took to Instagram to explain comments she made in Billboard about not listening to rap anymore, but until her upcoming album drops, the jury is out on whether her return to her pop roots will shift the public’s opinion any.