Nick Cannon Put Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, And Missy Elliott On His Female Rap Mount Rushmore

The Rap Mount Rushmore meme reared its head once again on the latest episode of The Bootleg Kev show as the DJ asked his guest Nick Cannon about one of the most notable names in rap.

Cannon and Kev shared their praise of Nicki Minaj, who Cannon took care to note is among the greatest of all time regardless of gender. “She’s one of the coldest artists in the last decade,” he enthused. “We can’t sleep on her skill, her pen, sonically. She changed the game. ‘Monster’? That was her record.”

As he expanded, he went a little more old-school, saying, “The only person, to me, that has the same level of talent, and that we should even be comparing her to, is Lauryn Hill or Missy Elliott. Those three, that’s the Mount Rushmore.”

The Rap Mount Rushmore meme has been a recurring theme online since it’s always good for some engagement. Within the last few years, we’ve gotten takes from the likes of Ja Rule and J. Cole, with the latter putting a tongue-in-cheek spin on things, along with reactions from the likes of the West Coast rap legends who named their group after the meme and Nicki Minaj herself. Meanwhile, Lil Baby had some fun with it for the cover of his album It’s Only Me after fans debated his inclusion in one for Atlanta rappers.