Nipsey Hussle Arranges An ‘ATL’ Reunion In His Rags-To-Riches ‘Double Up’ Video

Nipsey Hussle is apparently as big a fan of his boo Lauren London’s star turn in 2006 coming-of-age film ATL as the rest of us. In his video for Victory Lap standout “Double Up,” he reunites London with her ATL co-star Jackie Long for a cheeky reversal of the infamous scene in which Long’s character Esquire finds out that London’s character New-New has been keeping a secret from her movie beau, T.I. Yes, there is a Picasso reference.

The video, which features musical co-stars Dom Kennedy and Belly performing at a mansion overlooking a magnificent hillside view, details part of Nipsey’s rags-to-riches come-up, as he goes from counting up bags in a South Central apartment building to making offers for Hollywood Hills mansions. Lauren plays the role of Nipsey’s disloyal girl, who abandons her job delivering packages for the nascent kingpin after a brush with the law, only to reunite with him as he tours her Jackie Long-portayed new partner’s swanky crib before making his purchase.

The video shows that while Nipsey may give off self-serious vibes at times, he has just as much of a sense of humor about his association with London as anyone. With Victory Lap still making its way into year-end conversations for rap album of the year and raking in listens and cash, the “Double Up” video is an excellent reminder that even when he’s quiet on the new release front, he’s always working — and laughing his way to the bank.