Olivia Rodrigo Already Broke One Of The Three Grammy Trophies She Won At The 2022 Awards

Olivia Rodrigo didn’t break any Grammy records at last night’s awards show (at least none that I’m aware of), but she did literally break a Grammy. A red-carpet photo from after the ceremony shows the aftermath of Rodrigo apparently dropping one of her three Grammy trophies, which was left worse for wear after the impact it sustained.

The photo at the top of this post shows Rodrigo’s reaction to dropping and breaking the Grammy, which is one of pure shock as her mouth is agape and her eyes are full of astonishment. For formatting purposes, we had to crop the image, so you can’t see the broken trophy in shambles. So, here’s the original photo, which shows the trophy on the floor, the gramophone horn snapped off from the rest of the statue:

Olivia Rodrigo 64th Annual Grammy Awards 2022 getty
Getty Image

Ultimately, it’s probably no big deal, as this is something the Recording Academy has likely dealt with before and they’ll presumably get a replacement trophy for Rodrigo. This could also actually be a bit of a humblebrag for Rodrigo: She had so many Grammys that she had a hard time holding them all.

What is a big deal, though, is that she won three Grammys in the first place. She had seven nominations and ended up winning a trio of awards: Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance (for “Drivers License”), and Best Pop Vocal Album (for Sour).

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