Fans Loved Olivia Rodrigo’s Cameo In BTS’ Performance Of ‘Butter’ At The 2022 Grammys

As great as all the Grammys performances are on their own, there’s nothing fans love more than a crossover moment. And, fresh off her own performance of “Drivers License” at the Grammys, Olivia Rodrigo just happened to ready and willing to help BTS kick off a very James Bond-themed performance of their hit single “Butter” at the event. After one member of the world famous boy band, Jungkook, descended into the event from the ceiling, secret agent style, the camera cut to shots of many different members scattered throughout the audience, ready to jump up on stage whenever they get the word.

Yet another member, V (Kim Tae-hyung), was seated next to Olivia in the audience, and lured her into a femme fatale type of role in the group’s 007-style pre-song skit. Whispering in her ear and pulling a card from behind her ear, Olivia played along with a very shocked face, and then the card magically shot up to the member on stage, who plugged it into a super spy machine to kick off the beginning of “Butter.” The moment when V was whispering in her ear was definitely reminiscent of that classic moment in Lost In Translation when Bill Murray whispers in Scarlett Johansson’s ear. Check out a clip of the moment above and fan reactions below.

Variety thinks the moment might’ve been flirting: