PJ Debuts Her ‘Run For Your Money’ Single With A Second Diary Entry

Last week, Uproxx debuted PJ‘s single “Smoke” along with a full introspective interview and this week the talented singer-songwriter returns with her cheery single “Run For Your Money” and a personal diary entry about the meaning of the motivational track.

“‘Run For Your Money’ is a cute lil anthem I recorded like two years a go,” she reveals in a handwritten note. “At one point, I thought it would be a single, and I probably would have released it, had I not taken a hiatus.”

Her last project, Rare, was released three years ago as she simultaneous dedicated her creative writing skills to Grammy Award-winning R&B singer Usher and pop star Charlie Puth while also working through feelings of anxiety.

“It’s just me saying ‘I’m up next!’ It’s super positive and it feels good,” she continues in her song diary. “I feel like everybody should feel like that.”

“Run For Your Money” is PJ breaking free from anxiousness and basking in her own success as a proper celebration. With PJ’s contributions to chart-topping Billboard records and platinum-selling singles, she has a lot to celebrate and take pride in.

Read PJ’s full diary entry on “Run For Your Money” below and press play on the track up top.

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