Post Malone Smokes Up To 80 Cigarettes A Day

We all have habits that don’t serve our health, and for Post Malone, one of those is smoking. He’s often seen with a cigarette in his hand and now we know a bit more about just how much smoking he does.

On a recent episode of the Full Send Podcast, Malone was asked how many cigarettes he smokes daily and he answered, “On a really terrible day? There’s a very fine line between a terrible day and a good day… 40, 45. By the time I ask Ben for that second pack, I’m like, ‘Alright dude, chill out,” right, you know? But then by the time I open that third pack, I’m like, ‘I’m a total piece of sh*t and I need to go to sleep.'”

As for the most cigarettes he’s smoked in a day, Malone estimates the number is “probably like 80.” For reference, the CDC previously reported that in 2016, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day by “daily smokers” was 14.

Malone also added (as HotNewHipHop notes), “I used to [smoke them in bed], but not really anymore. Now I have like a special zone — it has like my PC in it and my Magic: The Gathering sh*t, so I just go down there and f*cking rip cigs and build decks and die in Apex Legends. It definitely has [messed up my voice], but I mean, Johnny Cash smoked his whole life [and] he sounded cool, you know?”

This reveal comes shortly after he and Seth Meyers did some day drinking on Late Night.