Post Malone Gave Steve-O An Impressively Graphic NSFW Tattoo Right On His Face

Given that Steve-O came to fame as a member of the Jackass crew, he’s known for not sying away from extreme things. Well, he’s at it again. He didn’t put himself in harm’s way this time, but his body didn’t leave the moment the same way it entered it.

Steve-O just turned 50 on June 13, and he decided he wanted to celebrate by having Post Malone tattoo a penis right on his forehead. So, that’s what he did. Steve-O announced the stunt earlier this month, saying, “If you can believe it, I’m getting my first face tattoo… but that will be the day after my birthday. Post Malone’s gonna tattoo a dick on my forehead. That’s the plan.”

As the video shows, the inking went down the weekend Post Malone headlined Bonnaroo. There were seemingly some nerves from both Malone and Steve-O, but Malone got to work, starting “with the balls,” per Steve-O’s instruction, right above the eyebrow.

In a part of the video filmed after the tattooing, Steve-O offers a more clear look at the art, and it’s a relatively detailed piece, with the work contouring to the shape of his eyebrow, complete with some strategically placed liquid droplets.

Check out the video above.