Quavo Explained The Origin Of Migos’ ‘Mama!’ Ad-Lib And It’s Connected To Them Being Mischievous Kids

Quavo has shared a few new songs since the tragic passing of his nephew and fellow Migos member Takeoff last year. This includes “Honey Bun,” “Without You,” and “Greatness,” the last of which he used to hint at the end of Migos.

Quavo also recently sat down with Chloe Bailey for Complex‘s G.O.A.T. Talk series. When he was asked to pick a “G.O.A.T. ad-lib,” he answered, “Mama,” and went on to explain why the word was often used by himself, Offset, and Takeoff when they got into trouble at home.

“The story behind the ‘mama’ ad-lib is she used to chase us up and down the house trying to whoop us,” he explained. “And we’d make sure to call her name and say, ‘I’m just playing, mama! I’m just playing, mama! I’m just playing!’

He continued, “Then when she get to you, you say, ‘Mama, mama, mama!’ Only when you in trouble is you calling her name like that.”

In March, Quavo also appeared on NBC’s music show, That’s My Jam, hosted by Jimmy Fallon. He performed a humorous cover of Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz’s classic song “Get Low,” in which all of the track’s lyrics were changed.

Watch Quavo on the G.O.A.T. Talk series above.