Queendom Come Details New Music And How Cardi B’s ‘Then Leave’ TikTok Drove Millions Of Streams

Queendom Come is the leading lady on BeatKing‘s viral TikTok hit “Then Leave” and it isn’t the first time Queen has set off a record with her infectious hook either. Clubgod Zilla and Queen bubbled on the Billboard charts with their rump-shaking anthem “U Ain’t Bout That Life” back in 2012 and years later their magical twerking formula still seems to work as evident by the love Cardi B, Lizzo, and countless other celebrities have shown to her hook dealing art.

In fact, she gives credit to Cardi for shooting the songs streaming numbers up towards tremendous proportions after the Grammy award-winning rap star posted a TikTok of her reciting “Then Leave”‘s hypnotizing hook, “Get that head, get that bread, then leave. Peace out!,” before Offset bogarts his way into the frame to rap BeatKing’s part. The moment consequently went viral.

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“We just start hitting those mills on YouTube every week,” she recalled during our Fall Music Preview Instagram Live Q&A on Friday (September 11). “We would go up like an extra mill. Even her post got more than 14 million views on her post just from seeing that from people who may have never heard it maybe. Then they really tapped in after that.”

Now as everyone has their eye on Queen, the Houston-based rapper is getting ready to share her solo talent with the world and is preparing to release a freestyle on Tuesday (September 15) in the form of a music video with cameos from YBN Almighty Jay and Lil Jairmy. Of course, this song will be backed by another BeatKing production.

“BeatKing has been saying in a lot of his interviews, ‘Queen, she can rap, rap so don’t get it twisted,'” she said. “She’s the hook dealer but she’s also pretty good on the music and I appreciate that. So, we were in the lab again and he cooked up a track and he was like, ‘Nah this you. You need to get on this, you need to rap.’ Shout out to him again, he can pull the best out of you when you’re in there vibing and I stepped on it.”

Check out the full interview with Queendom Come below.

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