Randy Orton Has An Idea Of Which Song Should Appear On Key Glock’s Set List

Last month, Key Glock released his much-anticipated album, Glockoma 2, which featured some acclaimed new tracks. One of the fan favorites was one named after wrestler Randy Orton, appropriately titled, “Randy Orton.”

On the song, he alludes to the wrestler, rapping on the chorus, “I’m savage, but don’t call me Randy, yeah / I’m slammin’ these bitches like Randy Orton.”

Tomorrow (March 6), Key will kick off the Glockoma tour, however, it appears he’s still finalizing the setlist. Today (March 4), Key took to Twitter to ask fans for help selecting songs.

“I need y’all help on my set list,” said Key.

It appears Orton himself has caught wind of the song. Making a rare appearance on Twitter, Orton responded to Key’s inquiry with a thinking emoji. This marks Orton’s first time tweeting in nearly four months.

At the time of writing, Key did not confirm if he was including it on his set list, however, judging by an Instagram post in which he shared a screenshot of Orton’s quoted reply, it’s safe to assume he’ll perform it.

“What other songs y’all wanna hear on tour ??,” asked Key in the post’s caption.

You can find a list of dates for the Glockoma tour here.