Key Glock Brushes The ‘Dirt’ Off Of His Shoulder On His New Single

Just days before his upcoming album, Glockoma 2, Key Glock has shared his new single, “Dirt.” On his previously released single, “Work,” Key remains focused and motivated, despite the events that have taken place over the past few years.

On “Dirt,” Key reassures us that while recent years have been rough, particularly with the death of his cousin and frequent collaborator, Young Dolph, he is still hardened and unbroken, and will continue to carry on Dolph’s legacy. He also reminds us that he isn’t here for anyone throwing dirt on his name.

“Glock be the name, and you know I’m gon’ bang / I made me some millions, they think I’m unchanged / F*ck this fame and f*ck these chains / Made packs disappear, like David Blaine / These b*tches be all on my dang-a-lang / I just bought a new blue pinky ring, my heart cold, it’s icebox / Number one rule, get that money, man, I got this sh*t from Dolph / It ain’t no shame up in my gang, I’m tryna get it off,” raps Key on the chorus, over a vintage soul-sampling beat.

You can listen to “Dirt” above.

Glockoma 2 is out 2/24 via Paper Route and EMPIRE. You can pre-save it here.