Rick Ross Declared He’s Running For Mayor Of A Georgia City, Shortly After Being Denied A Permit To Host A Car Show

Rick Ross wears many hats. Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, the Miami native has done it all. But yesterday (May 16), Ross shared that he may be adding another title to his already stacked résumé.

After the city of Fayetteville, Georgia denied Ross permits to host a car show in the city, Ross took to his Instagram Story to share that he still has love for the city. In fact, he even suggested that he may run for mayor of Fayetteville next year.

“I love Fayetteville so much. Next year I’m running for mayor,” said Ross. “That’s right. The boss Rick Ross running for mayor of Fayetteville. I wanna know how many votes did it actually take to vote in the mayor of Fayetteville. I need to know that ‘cause we gon’ become that. We gon’ make that happen, and we gonna have a good time. We gon’ give some people opportunities, we gon’ give some people raises and, of course, we gon’ have to clean some people out.”

Despite not being granted permission to host the car show in Fayetteville, Ross also revealed that he does plan to go forward with the show on June 3.

“This is when I become great during the challenges,” he said. “That’s what I like. That’s why I was always one to initiate certain things because I love the challenge. I don’t have a problem going against the challenges because Ricky Rozay ready.”