Rick Ross And Killer Mike Showed Off Their Comedic Chops In ‘Dave’s Latest Cameo-Packed Episode

Lil Dicky’s tour stopped in Atlanta for this week’s cameo-packed episode of Dave, leading to appearances from some of the city’s most recognizable faces. The plot revolves around Dave and GaTa‘s efforts to retrieve Rick Ross‘ stolen chain after a night at the strip club as Dave agonizes over possible Twitter beef with Killer Mike. Dave tries to get Usher and Lil Gotit, Mike’s fellow Atlantans, to assist before he goes to confront the man himself at a Black business brunch (don’t worry… he was invited!).

The episode gave Ross and Mike, two charmingly effective comedians in their own right, a chance to really flex their funny muscles alongside Lil Dicky, playing off of his neurotic energy with a combination of sanguine interest and outright confusion. Mike really gets the upper hand on Dave Burd’s heightened self-parody, conning Dave into giving the money he didn’t have to ransom Ross’s missing chain to support the cause. The show’s fans certainly seemed to enjoy Dave’s Atlanta-based misadventures:

Of course, if you’ve been following Rick on social media at all, you know the man born Leonard Williams is about as naturally funny as a human being can be. From self-gardening his massive estate to save money, to keeping a herd of buffaloes as pets, to avoiding Teslas because he doesn’t trust self-driving cars, he’s a walking meme — and seems to be a pretty good sport about it. Just check out his reaction to almond milk.

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