Rick Ross Offered Don Lemon, Former CNN Anchor, Some Career Advice Following His Recent Termination

Rick Ross is the self-proclaimed biggest boss the music industry has ever seen. Stepping into his head honcho persona, the rapper is offering former CNN anchor Don Lemon some career advice following his recent termination from the network.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram Stories, the musician took a moment away from promoting his upcoming car show to share a message with Lemon.

“Just found out Don Lemon was terminated from CNN. Damn, Don. But guess what, the brothers got your back,” Ross declared. However, you’d be wrong if you thought his follow-up would be a call to action or action to help the former television pundit regain his on-air slot.

Ross added, “We’re hiring at Wingstop,” referring to the chicken chain, which Ross owns over two dozen locations of across the country. “And for some reason, I feel like you know what you’re doing with them lemon pepper wings,” he said, throwing in a pun on Lemon’s last name.

Ross closed the video by saying, “So, man, just send over your resume — I’m going to ensure I get you in front of the right grill. Stay solid, brother.”

If Lemon doesn’t accept the offer, maybe Ross could offer him something on his home ranch to help manage his unruly buffalo.