Rico Nasty Explains Why It’s ‘So Disrespectful’ When Fans Ask Her To Twerk On Stage

Rico Nasty loves performing on stage to her fans. The rapper has made a name for herself with her wildly energetic and captivating stage presence. But there are times that being on stage in front of thousands can be frustrating, particularly when people in the crowd ask her to twerk.

The Nightmare Vacation rapper recently sat down for an interview with XXL where she called out how “disrespectful” it is to be in the middle of a set and see people in the crowd holding up their phones and asking her to twerk. “This is probably the worst thing that you could put up while a female rapper is performing, even if she is gonna twerk, even if that is what she does, even if you’re at a club and someone’s hosting and she’s just an IG baddie,” Rico said. “This is so disrespectful. […] It’s not what I do. You go on my Instagram right now, do I have any videos on [twerking]? There’s people that do, and they look great doing it, but I don’t do this so you’re at the wrong stage, bro.”

The rapper went on to clarify that she sees twerking as a double standard for a woman artist:

“And for all my young girls, who, I mean, you do what you want to do and it’s lit and it’s fun. I’m just trying to make art and perform my songs and go. I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. You shouldn’t try to make somebody something that they’re not. Because once I do succumb to the standards of beauty and what you guys want me to be and I get ‘the look,’ then you’ll say that’s all that I am. I’ve seen you do it to all of these talented, beautiful people. They do the image you want, that you thought would go, and then they’re nothing more than that.”

Watch Rico’s full video with XXL below.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.