Saba And No ID Embrace ‘Hue_Man Nature’ In Their First Video From Their Upcoming Joint Mixtape

Chicago rapper Saba and prolific producer No ID have a promising project underway. This summer, the two will release a joint mixtape called From The Private Collection Of Saba & No ID via Artium Recordings. Ahead of the mixtape, the two have released a new song called “Hue_man Nature.”

On the track, Saba delivers smooth bars over a soft, silky guitar loop, while highlighting the faults of the human condition.

“Damn/I was going through it, didn’t say sh*t / Damn / You was busy asking me for favors,” he says on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s accompanying video, Saba is seen embracing the vibe of a desert as the sunset creates a warm, calming ambiance.

On the upcoming mixtape, fans can expect both of the Chicago heavyweights to share personal stories, while honoring the hip-hop veterans and their legacies. They also hope to pave the way for future generations.

“To be able to have a real career, you have to reinvent your thought process, reinvent your perspective,” said No ID “And you can’t do it sitting on the mountaintop, yelling about what you did. You think you know — and then everything changes.”

You can see the video for “Hue_Man Nature” above.