IDK Shut Down Homophobia Targeting Saucy Santana For Being On ‘Pinot Noir,’ And Saucy Santana Is Grateful

IDK dropped F65, his first album since last spring’s Simple, and Uproxx dubbed it among the best music released during the week ending May 5, calling it “super stacked, with 20 tracks flitting from high-speed battle rap to soulfully meandering introspection.”

One of those tracks is “Pinot Noir” featuring Saucy Santana and Jucee Froot. The accompanying video arrived Tuesday, May 9, and it arrived with a pointed message from IDK.

“I don’t have to be a gay rapper to put an openly gay rapper on my song,” he tweeted. “I heard the beat, and I heard a very talented artist by the name of Saucy Santana on that beat. I love him forever for taking that risk with me. Now we have a banger for the summer [sun emoji].”

Santana reposted IDK’s tweet alongside a video message of his own.

“So I’m making this video to give a special shoutout to IDK. Me, IDK, and Jucee Froot have a song that just came out on his new album called ‘Pinot Noir.’ I just wanna show gratitude and recognize him for including me in his space — him being a straight, male rapper; me being an openly gay rapper,” Santana said to the camera.

“A lot of people be scared of the backlash or what people might think, but I just respect him for noticing me as talent,” he continued. “Talent is undeniable. He wasn’t worried about what I rap about, who I am, how he thought I would act, [or] what anyone would think. He just saw talent. He saw me for what I could bring to his record, and I just want to show him gratitude, appreciation, and I thank you for it.”

Watch the “Pinot Noir” video above.

IDK is a Warner Music artist. .