Watch Shamir Give A Squeaky, Interesting Performance Of ‘On The Regular’ On ‘Colbert’

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Shamir sounded a little off while performing his song “On the Regular” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday. He was a bit squeaky, offering shades of Tiny Tim, and his stage presence left a bit to be desired. Chalk that up to a nervous 20-year-old still learning how to perform live (and doing it on the biggest stage possible).

But “On the Regular” is still worth a watch for the interesting theatrical flourishes that the Ratchet singer brought to Colbert’s late night set. Instead of the typical, straightforward performance, we’re treated to a funhouse mirror effect that gives us a roundtable of Shamir’s crooning at each other. Those mirrors peel away to reveal a colorful circus of brass sections, back-up singers and so much cowbell. Check it out up top.

Shamir’s Ratchet is a wild ride, and my pick for Album of the Year (So Far) back in July. While that’s likely changed (thanks, Carly!), Shamir is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Listen to his debut if you haven’t already.

For more Shamir (and who doesn’t want that?), watch him interview his indie buzz brethren Mac DeMarco.

(Via Spin)