Removing Ed Sheeran From His Incredibly Catchy ‘Shape Of You’ Makes It Even Better

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Removing Ed Sheeran from his infectious hit “Shape Of You” might actually turn this track into the song of summer 2017. It’s become apparent at this point that there’s a negative contingent who are against the young UK singer, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the biggest pop stars currently working. According to Ed, all the negativity online led him to stop reading mean replies on Twitter, which, is really just good mental health practice frankly.

So one of the other places people frequently skewer poor Ed is in his music, and his hit “Shape Of You” has been a bit contentious, partially because it seems to crib from TLC — something he’s now acknowledged — and partially, because people are just plain mean sometimes, for no reason. So while the song itself is definitely fire, that fact becomes even more obvious when Ed’s presence has been stripped away, and the shape (see what I did there) of the song is all that remains.

That’s exactly what the Vitamin String Quartet have done with “Shape Of You,” as they’re in the habit of doing for select few popular songs. The results are always magnificent, and this time, they may have given us the song of the summer we’ve been longing for — take a listen below and decide for yourself.

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