Twitter Icon Dionne Warwick Needs, Not Wants, To Meet With Elon Musk Over The Platform’s Issues

One of Twitter’s unlikeliest icons would like a few words with its new owner. In a new interview for People, R&B legend Dionne Warwick said that she feels compelled to meet with Elon Musk to find out his “true intent” for the platform. Musk was forced to follow through on his $44 billion acquisition bid in October after the company filed a lawsuit against him when he tried to back out of their agreement in July. Now, he seems to be flailing, firing and threatening core employees, rolling out and disabling features on the fly, and even withholding rent on the company’s offices.

“I have to meet him,” Warwick told People. “I know a lot of people have walked away from Twitter. That’s prior to knowing exactly what he’s going to do. He’s new to the game. His attitude is freedom of speech, which is mine as well. However, there’s a way to do it. That’s one of the conversations I’m going to have with him. What is your true intent? I understand your freedom of speech attitude but how are you going to contain it, so it does not get out of hand?”

Elon may be “new to the game,” but funnily enough, Warwick isn’t. Despite being old enough to be many of the platform’s users’ great-grandmother at 82, she’s become one of their favorite follows. She’s chimed in on viral discussions about everything from Britney Spears’ conservatorship to Chet Hanks’ proposed “White Boy Summer,” and her playful roast of Chance The Rapper later led to a full-fledged musical collaboration. She’s a real treasure on the app, knowing its impact and importance as well as anyone — perhaps even better than Elon, who recently held a poll on the app to see if users want him to step down as CEO. The answer was “yes” by a sizable margin.