All Signs Point To New Music From Solange Coming Very Soon

Solange Knowles’ sister Beyoncé has dropped a few surprises on music fans in recent years. There was her (beloved) self-titled album she released with no buildup, and she followed that up with her visual album Lemonade, which sent shockwaves through the universe upon its release and continues to do so during the subsequent tour. However, Solange is up to her own fascinating tricks at the moment, and we will have to wait for the mystery to reveal itself.

On Wednesday, Solange launched a new website with an Instagram post that included this message: “86 of you will receive a seat at the table in the mail…..first come….first served….” This was followed by a link to the website where you could enter your name and address for…some reason. This was enough for people, though, because Solange later updated her post with, “Thank you all for signing up. The seats are all reserved… But stay tuned for more.”

While the 86 seats for this mysterious table have been claimed, the website remains up and running. It features pictures and videos, most of them of Solange, and they change when you refresh the page. There are at least two videos involving Solange surrounded by running water, which is maybe a hint. Or maybe it isn’t. Solange clearly doesn’t want us to know exactly what’s she’s up to at the moment, but there are 86 people that will apparently find out in a very real way in the near future. Beyoncé isn’t the only woman of mystery and intrigue in the Knowles family.