Stephen Colbert Tries To Help Nelly With His IRS Debt Using The Power Of Song

We’re all aware that Nelly is facing a little financial trouble at the moment. The IRS has put a lien against the Country Grammar star to tune of $2.4 million. Fans are attempting to aid the star by playing his hit “Hot In Here” on streaming sites, but they apparently have to do it close to 287 million times in order to pay off the debt.

Stephen Colbert takes another route to help out Nelly, putting together a song for the rap star that sorta sounds like Colbert telling him “hey, you should’ve done this.” The Late Show host won’t be winning any awards for his rapping anytime soon, likely a signal that he should stick to longing pop songs about women he’s decided to stalk.

I doubt this one will help out Nelly too much, but it’s nice to see someone is thinking about him in late night land. James Corden attempted to do the same by replacing his Montell Jordan buzzer with a Nelly buzzer for one night only. Here’s hoping Nelly gets past this in the near future. He’s one of the few rap artists to ever go diamond and deserves to be held a little higher in the eyes of the public, even if he did that song with Tim McGraw.

(Via The Late Show)